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before and after pics
kustom pics
tinted tail lights,custom touches

Here are a few pics of some of our repair jobs and custom work.remember,we can do it all.Anything from a door ding in your car or truck,insurance ,collision repairs,deer hit,custom motorcycles,and even your mailboxes and golfcarts.

g6 wrecked
g6 repaired
hemi dodge ram(insurence claim) BEFORE
hemi dodge ram.(AFTER) we replaced
the bedside,sectioned the cab corner and rocker panel,replaced
the door and blended the front door,then added a custom emblem.
1964 nova BEFORE
1964 nova AFTER
cadillac after tornado(tree fell on it)
in primer
painted and looking great
pontiac g6,major hail damage
pontiac g6,all hail damage has been p.d.r repaired and we added a custom touch with tinting the windows,candy tint taillights,and black  powdercoated the wheels.
le mans  conv before
le mans conv after
66 mustang(full custom restoration) before
allen working hard stripping everything underneath.
in the booth,(lots and lots of hours to make this thing perfect)
this car was an amazing build,one we were very proud of
corvette (before pic)
corvette finished..customer wanted the true hot rod black,murdered out look,tinted tailights,powdercoated the wheels,,cool stealth looking driver
custom hotrod in bare metal.(Before pic)
custom hotrod car (after)
hot rod custom (after)
custom caddy truck (before)
custom caddy truck (after)
corvette before
corvette after
mini cooper before
mini cooper after