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before and after pics
kustom pics
tinted tail lights,custom touches

here are a few jobs we have done where we take the factory tail lights,marker lights,mirror light,third brake lights,etc,and do a process of sanding,plastic adhesion promoter,candy transparent black,and then clear coat and sand and buff,to get a flawless and tinted black look ..there are also a few pics of new factory vehicles we have put different lights,grills,or jus done some nice accent paint to give them there own custom touches to set them off against another factory vehicle.

trailblazer ss,tinted tailights,marker lights and third brake light
sonata with tinted,windows,tail lights and custom wheels
2012 jetta tinted taillights and reflecters.
2013 kia optima,tinted tail lights and blacked out accents
2013 kia optima,we added black accents to the car for its own custom look.
corvette,true hotrod black,with tinted tail lights and powdercoated black wheels
tinted tail lights(light tint),tinted windows and powdercoated black wheels
tinted and powdercoated black wheels,new style camaro
2012 nissan altima(before pic..completely stock)
2012 nissan altima(after pic)emblems shaved,tinted windows,tinted taillights,and blacked the lower section of bumper..very clean custom look.
bmw 750li,tinted windows,tinted tail lights,black custom wheels.
newer camaro,painted ss stripes
halo lights on a colbalt
custom old school escort.tinted tail lights and cool old school paint
toyota solara,blacked out grill,and custom painted tops of headlights body color and added l.e.d. running lights
toyota solara tinted windows and tail lights
prodaddys escalade (BEFORE PIC)
all done up,tinted tail lights,third brake light,custom blue on wheels.
prodaddys escalade (AFTER PIC)all l.e.d. lights and halos,custom grill.